Why iBO?

iBO is the only monitoring system available that not only focuses on cow activity as measured by steps, but rises to the next level by providing the added dimensions of an integrated animal identification, positioning and sensor data capture platform.

The iBO Mission

Our Mission simply is to make our dairy farmers and food chains more successful by providing the innovative tools and systems that can optimize the productivity of each and every cow that drives a sustainable food chain. The benefits are endless.


Cow health is a vital factor in dairy herd profitability. It is vital that cows are in excellent health in order to provide high quality milk and superior reproductive performance. iBO ensures real time and accurate health monitoring.


Like health, a cow’s welfare is a major key factor in dairy herd health. In order to maintain good health and dairy production, it is vital that farmers ensure the best environmental conditions. iBO’s unique technology informs the farmer of key areas such as hunger, comfort and behavior ensuring the farmer is fully aware 24/7.


Healthy and happy cows are more profitable and productive over their lifespan. As herd sizes have tended to increase, farmers are under increasing pressure to maintain milk yield, production efficiency, cow health and welfare day in day out. iBO's unique real time positioning and monitoring platform makes farmers aware of what cows need attention and where they are at all times, therefore ensuring a healthy, happy and productive herd.


With iBO's focus on production efficiency, improved animal health, reducing mortality and morbidity it will increase herd productivity and reduce GHG emissions. Increasing conception rates will mean fewer replacement animals, reduced wastage, longer productive life and greater productivity per animal.