Together let’s drive food chain sustainability

Consumers and ethical producers demand the respect and wellbeing of animals, demand a reduction in antibiotic and hormone use and demand a concern for the environment.

The iBO technology platform enables producers from 100 cows to 100,000 cows to monitor and care for healthy happy cows on their journey through the food chain to food products that we can trace right back to the farm gate.

They say knowledge is power and as we target to bring 1 million cows online, the Faire Innovation Group will be developing applications and services in key areas of fertility, health and welfare, management and production that can drive food chain sustainability.

We are keen to foster research, development collaborations with leading agri businesses around the world who like us want to address some of the key sustainability drivers in animal production, animal welfare, diagnostics and disease control.


Precision Dairy

Precision and Dairy are not words that naturally come together, but that was before the iBO enabling platform. With potential farm savings of up to £1089/cow/annum* in cow management, health and welfare the economic benefits to industry are substantial. Add to that improved efficiencies, routines and better animal well being as a result of real time positioning and monitoring, it is easy to understand that applications developed around the iBO platform are the answer to a more sustainable industry approach from farm gate to consumer. *Fertex/Healex Economics; Dr R.Esslemont 2015 (by kind permission)

Real Time Positioning and Monitoring

If you have ever had to go out late at night to search for a cow identified as sick or calving, you’ll know how valuable iBO real time positioning and monitoring can be and how much knowing and being in total control of your cows can be.

With the positional accuracy of low cost transponders reporting in real time to receivers, you can imagine taking that control to a whole new level where your cows can also control all elements of the farm from feeding, robotic milking, manure systems, ventilation , lighting and even to closing the blinds for more shade. It's a sustainable approach that puts the cow at the centre improving productivity, efficiency and reducing environmental footprint.

Internet of Cows - Driving Food Chain Sustainability

Our goal is 1 million cows online. When you think of all those surveys with samples of 1500 (and that's large), you can imagine what research will be possible with a real time sample of 1 million cows.

A platform that will provide a better understanding of cow behaviour and phenotype, that linked to our understanding of the cow genome and production environments will undoubtedly push the boundaries of genetics, welfare, health and productive indexes per cow. Diagnostic tools will be created that will enable a better understanding of those factors associated with disease. This will ultimately lead to the evolution of enhanced rapid detection, response mechanisms based on real time positioning and monitoring. With our goal of 1 million cows, our aim is to reduce antibiotic, hormone use and create novel sustainable platforms that will enhance food safety and quality assurance from farm to consumer.



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Together let’s drive food chain sustainability.