Sustainable Food Chains

A ccelerated growth in global AgTech, witnessed by an ever increasing investment base since 2007, will and is creating opportunities for a new generation of hi-tech enterprises. It will be these enterprises over the coming years, that will deliver a whole new wave of potential disruption across Ag food chains, that once perceived from the outside as traditional industries, are now moving ever faster along the sustainability trajectory path.

Sustainability in Agri-Food, simply means how we feed ourselves, what methods we use and what systems we deploy to produce, process and supply food to a growing global population. Fundamentally, methods and systems deployed need to make economic sense at a local level where climate and labour primarily dictate and drive the sustainability approach.

With respect to the dairy and livestock sectors, sustainability needs to represent an ongoing advancement in areas of animal welfare, farm systems, food safety and overall food chain management that is inherently, environmentally efficient. It is an industry sector that needs to remain competitive, safe and assured, in the eye of an ever increasing global consumer base.

The ability to identify, position, monitor and control the principal food chain asset (the animal) in real time will have a significant future sustainability impact. Our intention through licensing is to help shape scientific progress and through the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs, create new, sustainable approaches and local economic growth in what is after all a fundamental area of Enhanced ioT technologies and data banking/analytics will be an exciting future space for animal science, industry, SME and new enterprise formations over the coming years, in the following areas:

  • Smart & virtual systems: animal-farm-food chain (data food chains)
  • Diagnostics; real time rapid response mechanisms
  • Genomics; data banking-indexing-performance

We, as consumers do have food choices but science, technology and solutions that puts animals at the centre of how we drive sustainability at all levels, just makes simple sense.


Together let’s drive food chain sustainability


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