The Big Cow Data Challenge

B ig Data...We hear it all the time.It's the catchy IT term that surprisingly is now over decade old and that for a variety of reasons is now dominating the headline hype.

The trouble is that big data confers an issue of size. But size is not the issue. Data size is just simply a challenge to storage systems. The real challenge of big data is how to use it, how to make sense of it and importantly how to find the useful information and patterns buried within it.

This is the job of analytics because we have the computing power to tackle the biggest of data stores. We have for many years, been collecting data from cows in terms of cow identification, geospatial and monitoring data in combination with validatory image-video data.

The challenge is of course ensuring that the enabling sensor platform is gathering accurate data and that the cow analytics is deployed for precise behavioural differentiation such that it can be converted into useable, predictive data, presented right time, right place in a way that fits to routine and management. The next exciting step is integrating cow biometric and genomic data into the equation for precision cow thats big cow data.....but lets leave that for another post.


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